Two Minute Puzzle is Pat McCay or, is Pat McCay Two Minute Puzzle?

He charmingly experiments with country, folk and blues and is always producing authenticity in his sound. Even prior to his single “Water” reaching #1 on 5fm, TMP has been causing a stir in South Africa and he has no intention of stopping now. Being no stranger to the national festival circuit with performances at Flamjangled Tea Party, White Mountain Folk Festival, Park Acoustics, Synergy Live and Rocking the Daisies (for four consecutive years), Pat has also collaborated with the likes of Jeremy Loops (“Turning Away” & “Hope Is”) as well as Gazelle and Inge Beckman. He even performed with The Parlotones in Arizona.

Pat is an excellent guitarist has a strong melodic voice and powerful lyrics that his audiences always seem to know the words to. The combination of these attributes makes for an acoustic project with a punch and a beautifully potent singer songwriter performer.

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