Two Minute Puzzle is Pat McCay or, is Pat McCay Two Minute Puzzle?

He charmingly experiments with country, folk and blues and is always producing authenticity in his sound. Even prior to his single “Water” reaching #1 on 5fm, TMP has been causing a stir in South Africa and he has no intention of stopping now. Being no stranger to the national festival circuit with performances at Flamjangled Tea Party, White Mountain Folk Festival, Park Acoustics, Synergy Live and Rocking the Daisies (for four consecutive years), Pat has also collaborated with the likes of Jeremy Loops (“Turning Away” & “Hope Is”) as well as Gazelle and Inge Beckman. He even performed with The Parlotones in Arizona.

Pat is an excellent guitarist has a strong melodic voice and powerful lyrics that his audiences always seem to know the words to. The combination of these attributes makes for an acoustic project with a punch and a beautifully potent singer songwriter performer.

Two Minute Puzzle

Pat McCay a.k.a Two Minute Puzzle Pat’s music seamlessly weaves between light and shade, reflecting his journey in life as an artist and a human being. He also serves as a healer, not only through his music but through part-time work in treatment centers for addictions. Some years ago, he had the number 1 song on 5FM, then South Africa’s most prominent radio station, yet a penchant for self destruction stifled his incredible momentum. Now embracing a significant and dignified existence, Pat is proud to be firmly back on his feet. Through his trials, he never once put down his guitar and continues as a prolific writer, "turning phrases so perfectly formed you’d think that they came off of a lathe’ says Dylan Mulenburg (editor at Superbalist). A charming entertainer with a affinity for tapping into joy and pain in quick succession, his music is honest and is fuelled by renewed dreams, and an ineffable depth of feeling.
Two Minute Puzzle
Two Minute PuzzleOctober 22nd, 2017 at 6:53pm
cafe Roux Noordhoek tonight 💥tickets 👉
Two Minute Puzzle
Two Minute Puzzle
Two Minute PuzzleOctober 22nd, 2017 at 6:53pm
Working on an instrumental section for the song #reflections for next weeks show.
Link to fb event:
Two Minute Puzzle
Two Minute Puzzle
Two Minute PuzzleOctober 22nd, 2017 at 6:53pm
Super excited for the cafe Roux (Noordhoek) show!!! Big love to everyone who's booked tickets already!!!

To say my friend Lee-ann likes to surf is a gigantic understatement. After helping me with some poster ideas she sent me this out of the blue. #TwoMinuteTubeTime
I'm giving away two tickets to the first person that guesses where this wave is. Tag some peeps from the Deep South so they can get involved!!!

facebook event:

PS: if you're friends with me and you know where this is don't ruin it :))

Another Jem 📷💎from jeremyloops
Sea 🌊 what I did there 😉

caferoux1 (cbd) May 11
-Link in my bio 🌟

Full 🌕 house last night! What a vibe. Heartfelt thank you to you all.

📷 leeannelliott

Still some tickets left for caferoux1 this Thursday.,…

"Institutions of man oh it's mad! Son do this and son do that- then it turns out that this…

Have you heard ‘Woman you Great (snippet)’ by Two Minute Puzzle on #SoundCloud? #np