It would appear you may be receiving a visit from one Bam Bam Brown!? Cue the music, hit the lights, put on your Sunday best!”

Brown has spent the last handful of years honing his craft as both producer and singer-songwriter and has been both at the forefront and foundational end of the exciting Cape Town music scene. While making his first big statements as frontman to local rock scene trailblazers Saintfearless (2009-2012) and Feverstone (2013-2015), Bam Bam also found time for annual solo tours where he found himself strumming, looping, singing and modulating not only soundscapes and song ideas, but his own vast, musical story – bit by bit.

2016 Saw the premiere year of Bam. His first video single “Bite My Lip” was released via Bob Loves Dylan and reached 10’000 views in less than a year, topping the likes of The Lumineers’ Stelth Ulvang, local giants Majozi and long time musical companions, Stoker. Bam toured his first live band works nationally, even getting invited to play with revered Afro Jazz acts The Brother Moves On in the Maboneng Precinct in JHB and Park Acoustics in PTA. After a final hurrah opening for the Springbok Nude Girls national DVD tour, Brown headed to India where he covered 6000km’s and spent 2 months branching out into his solo arrangements.

Upon his return he began work on an upcoming EP, to be released before a mid year stint in the cultural cauldron of Berlin. 2017 is going to be big for dear Bam Bam Brown, we hope you can get it on the action!

Bam Bam Brown

Kieron "Bam Bam" Brown is no stranger to danger. Too much hip to shake and too much earth in his quake, he can be found in the dusty basements of colour cornucopias, amidst a rush of steaming whizzes,whooshes and whollops... Strain your ears enough and you may hear the gears turning in his kaleidoscope ear, and, given time. A song will find you. Raised in a city tickled by the oceans salty purr, the whirr's and stir's of the young doodleknocker have led him on a quest to uncover the work's of Pappa Terra Firma's brightest and most exciting young stone steppers, ie: The Wild Professors. These cat's have been known to hang out in tunnels, on rooftops, with leather boots or flip flops,doing swing dance, rockin, lockin and hip hop and thrashing till the cops drop. Dear Mr Brown see's these fog jumpers and invites them to spark and crackle at his gatherings, where it is said, the very theories of evolution were first entertained. For you, my friend, are a Wild Professor.
Bam Bam Brown
Bam Bam BrownOctober 22nd, 2017 at 6:55pm
I've never had 100 000 anythings,

But what started out as a silly (and sloppy) little nursery rhyme that sprang from a loop pedal, and filmed in a sleepy haze 6 hours after it's birth, has grown into something so much more.

Last night we hit 100 000 views on our debut video.

Pounds all around. Thank YOU for lending your ears and years.

My best, always.

Bam <3
Bam Bam Brown
Bam Bam Brown performs Bite My Lip - Live in Observatory
Bam Bam Brown performs Bite My Lip live in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa. Directed and Produced by Riordan Allen Director of Photography Rory Allen Mi...
Bam Bam Brown
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Bam Bam Brown
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We made this year's top 10 Acts at Rocking the Daisies 2017.
How bout dat??

Up, up, up!!!

Bam <3