Nate Maingard is a National Arts Festival 2012 Ovation Award Winner. He has spent the past couple of years performing in the UK, Europe and America as well as cultivating his online community of followers. He is in the global top 500 creators on the online platform Patreon, a Gold VIP Periscoper, a Sofar Sounds Alumni artist, guest lecturer at SAE and YouNow Livestreaming Partner.

Being a master at holding an interactive and authentic performance space as well as being a highly-inspirational motivational speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and collaboration, Nate’s performance is uniquely positioned to be accessible to both schools and corporate events as a form of musical team-building for groups of people. On the traditional performance circuit, Nate tailors his own intimate and bespoke performances in unusual venues and has featured on festival stages such as River Republic and Little Gig.

Growing up in his father’s guitar-making workshop, modern troubadour and singer-songwriter Nate Maingard naturally arrived at crafting his own instrument and award-winning musical style to go with it. His guitar accompanies him in heartfelt songs, which gently illuminate and fiercely celebrate the archetypal journeys we all share as humans. Nate is a breath of fresh air and an exciting artist to experience, whether at his live shows or talks, through listening to one of his albums or by connecting with him online.

Nate draws his inspiration from the indie-folk movement championed by the likes of Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, Death Cab For Cutie and Tallest Man On Earth, while remaining true to his first loves of the lyrical singer-songwriters of the 60’s, such as John Lennon, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen.

Nate Maingard

Modern troubadour, creating songs and stories to inspire open hearts. FREE DOWNLOADS:
Nate Maingard
Nate MaingardAugust 18th, 2017 at 9:46pm
I am so proud of my updated website! Working HARD 😅 and loving the journey! What do you think of my new home page 👍👎!?
Nate Maingard
Nate MaingardAugust 18th, 2017 at 9:46pm
Home studio looking sexy as hell. Hanging blankets to create a little sound booth 😂. Attempting to record a full song at home, let's see how it goes! Let love win, y'all 😍💞❤️💖☄️🎶🎉
Nate Maingard
Nate MaingardAugust 18th, 2017 at 9:46pm
I don't know how to tell you about this in a way that expresses its importance to me. I can't fit the hours of love, fear, difficulty, triumph, excitement, frustration and faith that have gone into bringing you this creation. ⠀

All I can do is say, "Here is a thing I am proud of, here is a thing I have made, with help from my friends. May it bring you the same joy it brings me to share it with you."⠀

In case you missed it, here is my newest song release, Echoes: (link in my instagram bio).⠀

Thank you to the creative power and grace of Alexis Aronson for this artwork, I'm honoured to be working with you on this project, my friend 💝. The gift of your insights is breathtaking and inspiring. ⠀

To you reading this, you can now buy a high quality poster at that same link above, as well as download the song there!⠀

We're already working on next month's song, so onwards and upwards we go 🎶🎉💖. ⠀

I hope you're well, and that you enjoy a moment of connection and emotion with this art and this song.

Always, your troubadour⠀

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