Dave Knowles is an unfailingly powerful and intimate performer with an innovative style and eloquence of substance. With a prolific appetite for creation, Knowles’ music blurs elements of Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Radiohead and PJ Harvey in an expression truly his own. Besides his singer-songwriter performance, Dave has developed a progressive and experimental live-looping performance which include elements of improvisation which adapts depending on the audience he is performing for.

Over the decade since departing from his Manchester band, Shinobi, Knowles’ style has been catalyzed by his exposure to percussive guitar and beatboxing, experiments in looping and sharing stages with the breadth of South Africa’s top guitarists. Upon completing his studies in Grahamstown, Knowles began establishing himself as a full-time artist in Cape Town, performing the range of the city’s venues and booking regular tours up the coast.

Since joining our family in May 2016, Dave has performed over 60 shows across the country – proving his capabilities as a nomadic performer-powerhouse. He was featured in Cape Town at the Nu-Breed concert of the Cape Town Acoustic Music Festival where he performed alongside the likes of Matthew Mole, Majozi, Matthew Field (Beatenberg) and the Johnson twins (Al Bairre).

2016 also saw him shine as the musical director for the theatre production “No Fun Ction All Anguage” directed by Jayne Batzofin as well as co-producer for the soundtrack of “The First Week” for the 48 Hour Film Project which was awarded 1st place in 6 categories including Best Film, Best Original Score and Best Sound Design.

After years of organic growth and exploration, 2017 is promising to be a watershed for Knowles’ career and with new productions, collaborations, videos and recordings on the way, there is much to watch from this emerging artist.

Dave Knowles

Knowles' performance style uses guitar and vocals as a base while expanding into percussive fingerstyle, looping, beatboxing, flute and bass arrangements. A versatile artist, shows can vary from close and intimate, to cracking guitars and grooving the dancefloor.
Dave Knowles
Dave Knowles updated their cover photo.October 22nd, 2017 at 6:57pm
Dave Knowles
Dave Knowles shared Aminal's event.October 22nd, 2017 at 6:57pm
Starting next Thursday, I kick off my first run of Aminal, my new creature for creation, at National Arts Festival Grahamstown. Share with your peeps, book your tickets, wear all the warm things!!
Dave Knowles
Dave KnowlesOctober 22nd, 2017 at 6:57pm
Heading to National Arts Festival Grahamstown? What a coincidence! I'll performing as AMINAL from the 29th to the 3rd at the Albany Cabaret Club. Share and book your tickets!!

#ikatiesengxoweni is one of the most refreshing, soulful and surprising acts I've seen in some… https://t.co/0CP2BqDLkG

#NAF17 ...an education. @ National Arts Festival Grahamstown https://t.co/dGJCbnYJwF

Wondering where your bum should be this Thursday? #AMINAL #naf17 #albanycabaretclub @ National… https://t.co/J81vtWL5uQ

#AMINAL takes to the stage at #naf17 ...2 days to go! https://t.co/PoWMi8bFkU